28.10.2023 - Rosemary Hill Farm

Blaine & Ethel: Our Story

Our story started 10 years ago after getting to know each other for over a year. On a warm but overcast afternoon walking around the neighborhood Blaine grew up in. Two teenagers at the time we walked for hours giggling, chatting and just getting lost in each others worlds.

Something special was happening we might not have fully understood it then in its entirety but we could feel it. On that day the 29th of June 2013 at 12:44pm Blaine looked me in my eyes held my hands and said – Ethel will you be my girlfriend, gleefully without hesitation I said a very hopeful yes and immediately asked what the time was because I knew I wanted to remember this moment in time for the rest of my life.

Falling in love as teenagers and growing up together over the years we have fallen in love over and over again through each phase of our lives we’ve experienced love in its most pure form, unimaginable pain and loss, utter failures and triumph success, we’ve changed as individuals and here we are today 10 years later more madly in love than ever and excited to celebrate our love with the people that has shaped and supported us along the way. Thank you Lord for your favour and blessings as we close one chapter and enter a new one as Husband and Wife.